Peak & Dukeries Land Rover Club



ALRC - Association of Land Rover Clubs
GLASS - Promoting sensible driving in the countryside
LARA - Land Access and Recreation Association
GLASS Bulletin - The GLASS Bulletin is available to view or download from this link

Motorsport UK Yearbook & ALRC Handbook

ALRC Handbook (Green Book) - Regulations for taking part in ALRC competitions. These Regulations are supplementary to the Motorsport UK Regulations.
Motorsport UK Yearbook (Blue Book) - Relevant regulations for P&D LRC & ORC Cross Country Events are in Sections C (Judicial) - D (Organisers) - G (Officials) - H (Competitors: Licences) - J (Competitors: Vehicles) - K (Competitors: Safety) - P (Cross Country Events) - P56.7 (Tyres)
Motorsport UK Insurance Zone - Bluefin Sport - Insurance cover provided for motor sport events

Social Media

Peak & Dukeries Facebook Group - Discussion - Peak & Dukeries Facebook "Group" - for general discussion
Peak & Dukeries LRC & ORC Facebook Page - Public "Page" for promoting the Club
Instagram - News and Views form P&D LRC

Rights of Way & Maps

Maps Showing Rights of Way - Official rights of way maps from 101 County Council Highways Authorities
TrailWise2 - The National Catalogue of Rights of Way, available exclusively to GLASS members (Green Lane Association Limited)

Picture Galleries

David Dudley's Photo Albums - Photos of motor sport events, including Peak & Dukeries LRC events.